My name is Heather, and just like a lot of you, I am trying to get in shape and become a healthier person. With this comes lots of challenges. There are temptations every day to eat food that I know is not good for me, and for each of them, I have millions of excuses to allow myself to indulge.  We all know how that plays out. The “just this once” turns into, I’ll start my new regime next week, but despite all good intentions, there will be a birthday gathering, holiday, or even that tasty bakery your forced to walk by on the way home from work every day. I get it. We all do. Changing habits isn’t always easy, and most certainly is never a straight path.

On this website I’ll post my thoughts about trying to get healthier, what that means to me, and what I’m actively doing, or in some cases, avoiding, to make that happen.  I have a vision of what my goal is. The path in getting there, however, will be full of surprises.