Hello All,

Here is where I will share my measurements and occasionally post photos of how I’m doing. Sometimes the numbers go up, sometimes they go down. I’m posting both weight and measurement in inches, because I think it’s good to have more than one way of measuring changes.

Of course, not all ways to measure improvement have a number attached. Feeling stronger, being able to do daily tasks easier, and having more energy are other ways that improvements can happen! I occasionally bring up those topics in my blog posts (feel free to check them out).  This page, however, is all about the numbers and the visuals 🙂




October 15th 2017

Current Weight: 233lbs

Change Since last post:  + 11lbs

Chest: 47.5

Waist: 40

Hips: 48.25

Right Arm: 16.5

Left Arm:  16.5


Right Thigh: 28

Left Thigh: 28

December 3rd, 2016

Current Weight: 222lbs     Height: 5’8 3/4  alright, let’s just say 5’9

(all measurements below are in inches)

Chest: 47.5

Right arm: 16

Left Arm:16

Waist: 38

Hips: 48

Right thigh: 28

Left thigh: 28.5

This is a selfie I took while in Switzerland from a trip this summer. I was approximately the same weight then.
Photo taken November 2016